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Sounds of 2021- March

You know the drill. March is over so it's time to take a look at the gems we had playing at 'le dojo'. It's easy: you read, listen and dance. If you're reading this, lots of love to you beauty. Enjoy!

Rayna - Trance Wax (Shanti Celeste Remix)

Beautiful start with a very special-touch from Shanti Celeste on Trance Wax's Rayna. Built on a Trance/Breakbeat backbone, the remix takes a whole new shape thanks to the House/Electro roots of the Bristol-based artist. The two worlds collide, forming a track that plays pleasantly with our senses. Joyful, dancy, sweet and faithful to Shanti's work.

Dr. Melonball - Deetron

This one will make the nostalgic among you happy. It's a huge release on Nu Groove, an iconic House label from the 80's/90's, brought to you by the Bern-based artist. The label, born in the New York house scene, was inactive for a while and it's the Swiss artist Deetron the maschine start up again with this incredible piece. Dr. Melonball is carried by charismatic keys, borderline seductive, and its bassline/hi-hats are a big reference to the raw techno sound of Detroit. Listen to it just once and you immediately hear how punchy and effective it is, it's straight to the point, it's Swiss and it's perfect ;)

Discoteca - &ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Sofie

Some records are timeless. You know, the ones that hit you right in the feels at the very first listen. The ones you immediately, and proudly, show to all your friends. At le dojo, one of those tracks was Muyé by the Keinemusik crew a while back. This time, the trio is back with an epic raw percussive record featuring vocals from Sofie Fatouretchi. The very first second of the record immediately showcases the unmistakable identity of the German crew. This time, they play around with a trippy and very greasy bassline that pops in from time to time. This is the first single of their upcoming album! Mind-boggling stuff.

vinculum 001/05 - VIL

We head towards the techno part of town with vinculum's 5th set from the new series. Creator of the very unique Spectrum Festival, in Northern Portugal, vinculum showcases an artist a month on Soundcloud. The 4 previous sets are full of familiar names (if you visit the dojo on a regular basis, you'll feel right at home with Vinculum). Hendrik van Boetzaeler, Jonas Landwehr (co-founder of R-Imprint) and more. The fifth selection is Portuguese artist VIL's time to shine with 2 hours of pure techno exploration.

Specia - Jinger

If you want the full hypnotic range of dimensions this track has to offer, please get your headphones out and don’t even think about using your phone speakers. Jinger is Traumer’s alias that allows him to dive into his softer side. One could argue that this side is deeper and heavily fluid which adds a uniqueness that left me speechless. Traumer states that the breakbeats in his production became more natural and casually evolved into this dual persona. The most beautiful part of this track is there is no label or category in my mind. Technically it is hard to define, and this speaks volume to what is to become of electronic music. Let’s call it an exploration to the unknown, and if I was traveling there Specia would be playing.

By Your Side - Sofia Kourtesis

By Your Side is Fresia Magdalena's second track, a 5-track EP unveiled on Technicolour, Ninja Tune's sub-label. The record's groovy and weird vibe is quite difficult to describe. A multitude of unique layers build up to create this beautiful masterpiece. The weirdly-cut vocal chops and electric samples leave us wondering what life is really about ^-^ Not only does By Your Side earn its place in our hearts, but the whole EP is definitely worth checking. Thank you Sofia!

Whatever - Wax D

This is crazy! Not only are you discovering truly dope vibes from this past month. But you're also time-traveling at the same time. You'll get it once you press play, Wax D is a nostalgically genius producer. The Georgian artist pays tribute to House and Techno origins with a pure masterpiece. Colourful kicks, acid lines, hypnotic melodies and the vibe is just right! Released on Czech label Beef Records, legends.

Deep Oddities - Tour-Maubourg

Lets finish this month's selection on a high note with Tour-Maubourg's Deep Oddities. We know the artist thanks to his jazzy-house gems, and he does not disappoint this time either. It's a Pont Neuf Records release from Paris celebrating it's 5th anniversary. Deep Oddities is a sexy cocktail of perfect drums and synths. Yikes!

That's it for March, enjoy the dancing and see you next month <3
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