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Sounds of 2021 - January

A new year, a new format. As the closing of our doors was not an option, we decided to open up some new areas of 'le dojo' and keep sharing tunes and artists that we love. The title speaks for itself so let's check out which January gems had the dojo's walls shakin'. (kisses and hugs if you're reading this, we're happy to be back!)

Invisible in the Dark - Harrison BDP

With his single from his latest EP coming out in February 2021 on Shall Not Fade, Harrison BDP takes us on an amazing wavy dub-house journey. His discography shows us unconditional love for the deep areas of house music but we're pleased to hear him try-out raw and sharper sounds.

As per usual and because we can't ever have enough, here are 3 tracks for you to groove to. No context needed. Parallax, Convection Zone and Echo.

Digestive - Hendrik van Boetzelaer for

Nope. Not a track. This is a mix created for dubsearch, a Zurich-based music platform, that we had to share with you. Their number 137, aka Digestive, is an hour of tracks selected by the Geneva-based Hendrik van Boetzelaer. Formerly known as Opuswerk, the artist became a Swiss reference notably thanks to OPUS, a series of parties throughout Switzerland curated by the artist. OPUS unveils artists that inspire him (an impressive guest list that goes from Henning Baer to Radio Slave or the german duo from R-Imprint.) Whether it be through his productions, sets or events, Hendrik's techno universe is absolutely thrilling. A huge influence for the Swiss scene. Enjoy.

Listen to the mix here.

Perimeter - Gidge

Composed by the Swedish duo Gidge, Perimeter is a melodic and introspective record. It's wavy, it's gorgeous... A true breath of fresh air. Released on the dutch label Atomnation (discography includes projects from Tunnelvisions or Polynation), every second of the composition is more than worth it. Bon voyage.

Burner - Ross from Friends

A surprising bomb from the British producer Ross From Friends. He's a lo-fi house blackbelt who needs no introduction. From You'll Understand to Epiphany we quickly all realised that the artist absolutely masters many different fronts, sometimes with heavier sounds than others. Burner's rhythmical and gripping construction is coupled with bold synths and mysterious basslines. A melody that slowly builds up to an unexplainable state of euphoria. It was released on Scarlet Tiger, a label that Mr. Weatherall launched with an intimate and bewitching production.

Dojo tip: Go see a Ross from Friends live-show. The extremely talented trio (yes he brings two of his friends on stage, beautiful right?) will leave you jaw-dropped.

Felari EP - Hatari & Felix F.

The Lausanne-based duo spoils us with their first vinyl release. After years of performing together, Hatari & Felix F. dropped 2 tracks each on their Felari EP resulting in an incredible groovelicious cocktail. It's local, we love it and definitely want some more. The EP is also the first 33 Records release and you can cop it here. Here's a preview with Orgabots and In Utero.

Dirtknock - Madlib

This creative jewel was brought to us by the Californian Dj: Otis Jackson Jr. aka Madlib. From Sound Ancestors, Dirtknock is the perfect balance between weird brilliance and groove. Madlib's jazzy hip-hop universe is beautifully complemented by the electronic music expertise of Four Tet (who arranged, edited and mastered the project, and whos creative mind is just mesmerising). This collaboration is highly recommended at le dojo (and there's a whole album btw).

Tom Rull - Bjørn Torske

Norwegian producer Bjørn Torske drops a catchy beauty on Full Pupp, a Norwegian label striving to promote national talent. Tom Rull is the last track of the Ramma EP, and it's got that DUM DUM. Bass, guitar, organs, groove. As they say, a bit of "House not House". Whatever that is, we love it.

Behind - Błażej Malinowski

Hypnotic techno in its purest form. Hard but clean. Rough but sweet. The polish artist starts off the year with his EP Katharsis, a 4 track EP that launches his brand new label Inner Tension. Behind is a psychedelic whisper that will push you through to introspection. This is a piece of work full of emotion, just how we love it at the dojo.

A must watch: Blazej at work for Hör.

Heart Drive - Dominik Marz & Yannick Labbé

EP Dune is the result of the collab' between the two german producers. A bit like the EP itself, Heart Drive is a track that's just as quirky as it is splendid. It's a track with texture and character that we find truly captivating. Here at le dojo we compare it to that weirdo friend that we deeply love. We all have one right? Oh, and special mention to David Kochs for the artwork. Wow.

Tip: Dominik Marz and David Kochs it's also this.

We've now shared what got our hearts racing in January. So what was it for you? What have we missed? Send us your track of the month !
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