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Sounds of 2021 - February

Let's not get off the 2021 bouncy-castle just yet, it's only just beginning! February, for us, was part techno, 80's, with exceptional collabs and a Swiss artist who is completely on fire!

Ofrenda - Forest On Stasys (Alfred Czital Midnight Remix)

This month we start with a banger with the release of the Mantrum EP on the Czech label Harmony Rec. Behind 2 original tracks by the Argentinian Forest on Stasys, hides Alfred Czital's Midnight Remix. Thanks to the Czech artist, one of the founding fathers of the label, Ofrenda becomes a charming hypnotic dance beast. The track has a seductive feel that we love and matches the label's vibe perfectly. Harmony Records has been inviting artists such as Luigi Tozzi, Feral or Primal Code to their parties for almost 7 years now.

Metanoia - Litherland

The beautiful Stasis EP is the result of the collab' between the british producers Litherland and Tom Jarmey. Their very own respective universes intertwine to form an EP that will take you on a tender electro journey. Metanoia, the second track of the project, admirably reflects the vibe of the final product. Usually very playful on electro/breakbeat terrains, Litherland surpasses himself with a wavy melody and drums that keep you hooked for a full 6 minutes of pure joy.

Paradise 2020 - Dj Steaw

In memory of a not so heavenly 2020, it's on his own label Rutilance Recordings that Dj Steaw releases his brand new album. Paradise 2020, the first track of the album, is a housy gem that followed us throughout February's sunny days. The french producer spoils us with a gripping bassline and catchy melody. Gooood good vibes, enjoy!

From Another Mind Podcast - Chlär

Frenzy techno enthusiasts, this one's for you. It's been incredibly hard to follow Chlär's rythm lately. He is without a doubt amongst the most active and creative Swiss artists of the last few months. Between releases of his own, the mythical parties of Geneva-based label Bipolar Disorder, a Hör set, mastering credits or his podcasts, we don't even know where to look anymore. Chlär is an incredibly talented individual that keeps on creating and we're so glad to have him representing the Swiss scene. We chose to share his podcast for the label From Another Mind for the stunning selection and most importantly his amazing ability to keep the audience on their heels. All you have to do now is click below and discover his world. Amazing!

Stranger - CRi (DJ Boring Extended Mix)

We know DJ Boring thanks to his famous house/deep house productions and we've seen him going on more raw and experimental journeys such as Like Water. In February, he's back with a remix for CRi, released on Anjunadeep. Airy vocals, electronica, a bit of house and a bunch of love. Can't see no boredom BTW, go check out CRi, truly talented dude!

Altalenanti - Lauer, Fabrizio Mammarella

Announcing the Answers to Trouble LP, the german producer Lauer releases Altalenanti. Previously seduced by the amazing Volpi Polari, us 'dojoignons' loved his work on Altalenanti. We picture the track's melodic synths as a shiny creature coming straight from the 80's, grabbing our hand and taking us on a time travel adventure. We challenge you not to dance to it. Good luck.

Deja Vu - Forest On Stasys (Shoal Remix)

Forest On Stasys, again, seems to be haunting the dojo lately. Shoal 's Deja Vu remix adds a wee bit of acid vibes to the Argentinian's captivating techno world. One more track that gives February all the attention it deserves, whether you're dancing in dark alleys, under a bridge or during a zoom meeting. Turn up the low-end, close your eyes and let your body express itself freely. Feels amazing, you'll see!

Recapture The Past - Llewellyn

Euphoric record from Martin Enke, aka Llewellyn. It came out on LARJ (Live at Robert Johnson) a Frankfort-based label featuring works from Lauer (hmm I know that name), Fort Romeau or even Roman Flügel. The 7 minute-short beauty Recapture The Past flies away thanks to epic synths and cinematic wings. Yeee, me likey.

There we go, February in a flash. And you? What have you been listening to? Send us your selection!

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