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Last week's swiss artists were from Geneva, and it was banging! For our 'hall_02' this week, we head to Zurich with Lukas Schnider's project: Cella

The self-taught 22 year-old artist perfectly represents this new generation of bedroom producers, and it sounds next level. Cella creates everything himself, whether it be light-shows, artworks or his music, and all of this from his bedroom. Lukas already grabbed our attention with his production « Imperfection », a record that was rather electronica (inspired by artists such as Kamo & Crooked). With his new release « Cigarette » and for our first discovery in 'hall_02', Cella goes four-to-the-floor, and its prodigious !

Lukas Schnider

Diving in, the first 30 seconds are airy, built around a processed and pitched vocal sample. After a melody surfaces (with a Moderat-inspired sound design), Cella then brings us to a drastic change 32 seconds-in. Oh sh****… Tight and minimalistic drums come in, with an organic 'windchimey' plucky sound (yes, a little like Four Tet) and a bass that reaches deep inside you. To top it all off, a girl singing: « I feel the attraction, burning slowly, like a lit cigarette… », it's just dope! It's a record you have to listen until the end, that offers interesting sonic gifts even at ¾ of the way. It's a record you want to play very very loud in your car, a record that deserves a follow, a record that proves that Cella is a talented producer and artist.

Even though some of you might enjoy his trap-oriented productions (like his new remix for DROELOE on Bitbird) us dojonions definitely prefer the dum chak dum chak of « Cigarette » or even his previous release « Cycle ». He keeps his own peculiar sound design, follows a 116bpm click and creates a gold nugget. What a Geile Siech this Lukas is !

Artist: Cella

Album: Cigarette

Single: Cigarette

Release: 18.09.20

Label: Universal Music Switzerland


The second discovery we're sharing today is Timeless, an amazing jewel by the duo Ellosophy, 2 German girls who've been racking up incredible live shows and are proving to be just as talented in the studio.

Timeless is a unique creation influenced by house, electro and tech-house. You add electric melodies, a pinch of delicious low-pitched vocals and there you go, the result is as sweet and hypnotizing as you can get. You will be timeless... The prophetic vocals, bassline in fifths, analog pads and carefully-crafted drums, it's all so clean. Even though it was produced by artists who are used to creating within a live setup (we could easily get in mechanically stiff-sounding patterns), the track takes us on a fluid journey of freedom towards a unique universe. A true pleasure to listen to!


Notably playing live in Berlin for about 2 years now, and famously at the Kater Blau, a first release for Ellosophy was bound to happen. The very essence of what makes them unique is their live composition skills, so you can imagine, the outcome of studio sessions can only be good. The proof with Timeless.

Going further in the discovery, check-out how they sound in a live setting. The two girls played at the Klunkerkranich in May 2020, unveiling an extremely interesting electro/house set. They control their equipment expertly, but most of all are highly creative (we see them using a harmonizer, amongst loads of effects and techniques.). There are surely more than a few gems in there that are being perfected in the studio, and 'le dojo' is super excited to hear the next release.

Artwork par Damien Wuthrich

Timeless is one of 25 singles in Fernab's #1 compilation, a Berlin-based collective who reminisces about a time when colourful open-air events were possible. A collective that begun thanks to events promoting freedom in spirit and mind, somewhere on the shores of the Spree. They decided to gather artists they believe in and create this authentic compilation, diverse in genre and feel.

The body of work supports 2 causes; the artists, gravely affected by the current epidemic and crisis, and Sea-Watch (an NGO working in the Mediterranean, whose aim is to come to aid to refugees). The compilation's revenue is split halfway between the causes, but a donation is also available!

Artist: Ellosophy

Album: Fernab compilation #1

Single: Timeless

Release: 29.07.2020

Collective: Fernab


We're closing our second hall with something a bit more upbeat, so that your weekend starts off with a bang! We head to Turkey with Guidance from Havantepe. Alright, you can't really go out but there's nothing stopping you from dancing, right? Clothes or no clothes, it's fine, just dance!

Guidance is a bit dub, a bit house, a bit acid, a bit umpf umpf but mainly very contagious. The track is pretty much a gift that keeps on giving. Even if the first half of the track is rather calm, with what almost sounds like a classic deep-house structure, there are a few hints that point out to what sooner or later's bound to happen: sh**'s going down. An edgy bassline and powerful hi-hats build up the vibe. Leading up to the moment where a simple but MARVELOUS acid line takes control of this classic structure and brings the track to its climax. This type of acid line (emerging in the 80's thanks to classic machines such as the Roland TB-303) is a real driving force. Classy! The dojo's walls are still shaking. To sum up, Guidance is a remarkable production that definitely deserves a spot in your playlist.

When you think deep-house, you think of its godfather Larry Heard and his ability to create distinctive nostalgic and deep vibes. We hear a bit of it in Guidance, but the Turkish artist takes us through a number of other interesting paths leading to his final product. His universe is more badass, darker and deeper that deep itself. If you're into Guidance and Havantepe, you'll love Janeret, Derek Carr (which is slightly more jumpy/uplifting) or Isecawi. Since here at le dojo we take good care of our beautiful dojonions (yes that's you, you beauty!), we've curated a mini Spotify playlist. Quick and easy, check it out.

Ismail Genc aka Haventepe

Artist: Havantepe


Single: Guidance

Release: 06.03.20

Label: 200 Records

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