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Our very first dojo series, we present DAUWD and his newborn PSSSH

Groove, drums, sample, dauwd, idris, electronic, music, house, breakbeat, psssh
Artwork by Mauro Ventura

At first glance, or rather first listen, you fall in love with crispy drums, it's's simple. Dauwd adds a bassline reminding us of a Frankie Knuckles vibe, texture-wise it's already next level. Amongst mechanical-sounding transitions and well thought-of rhythms, we hear a senegalese man speaking italian. What more do you want? Even your grandma dances to it!

The Psssh 001 EP, first of three announced on Psssh Records, Dauwd and Dave Redmond's brand new label. Based in south London, Dauwd Al Hilali has already well proven himself by releasing music through Ninja Tune, Stil Vor Talent, Erased Tapes (that we love!) and more... He's mesmerizing with this new EP, and especially with this record we present in our hall_01: 'Idris'. You want to see a few tips and production secrets from Dauwd? It was 6 years ago, but the video is worth it: Against The Clock

Artist: Dauwd EP: Psssh 01 Single: Idris Release: 21.02.2020 Label: Psssh Records


The second discovery for this first hall is a beast of a track, and in quite a different genre. Out Of Place Artifacts announced an album a few weeks back which will be released in October, greatly anticipated here at le dojo. « The artist » (keeping you intrigued..) is amongst our favourites, difficult to talk about in just a few lines... So when that mysterious album was announced, we knew it was our chance to talk about it, and especially now that the first single came out!

Apophenia, it's a 6 minute' journey in complete darkness. It's an ambient track that grabs you by the hand and takes you. Where ? We don't know, that's what makes the journey mesmerizing. A dark atmosphere with an electrically intense bassline, clinging to your guts but followed by a melody so soft and mellow, it feels surreal. Yes, Apophenia is an 'amuse-bouche' to an album that will definitely be ridiculously good.

Giegling, dystopian, anima mundi artworl, out of places artefacts review, vril review, electronic music review, revue musique, revue vril, avis vril, techno, blog techno, techno magazine, découvertes techno, musique éléctronique, artwork musique, rodhad, collaboration techno, berlin techno
Artwork by Daniel Martin Diaz

« He » is Giegling 's giant that you might know under the name Vril. Out of Place Artefacts, is a conceptual album (as well as the new alias) that comes from his collaboration with Berlin's own Rødhåd, a well-established techno artist from the last decade. Vril taught us to love his mysterious and bewitching universe, especially with his project Anima Mundi or the Omniverse EP, a Dystopian release (see, the collab' makes sense huh?). We're obviously very excited to discover the up-and-coming album from these two techno heavyweights.

The 11 track album, of which Apophenia is a part of, will see the light on the 20th of October on WSNWG. A label founded by Rødhåd with the sole aim of showcasing his collaborations with artists he invites in his studio in Berlin (like Ø [Phase] and Antigone).

Our advice to you, is to close the curtains, turn up your speakers and go check everything Vril does! Special mention to Eve, Scalar, Haus and Paradiqma. We know you'll want some more, so go explore Giegling too, we'll come back to it for sure… ;)

Artist: Out of Place Artefacts (Vril & Rødhåd) Album: Out of Place Artefacts Single: Apophenia Release: 20.10.2020 Label: WSNWG


After London and Berlin, we're taking you to our very own Switzerland for the last track of this hall_01: Bemidji Callin' from Chaleur Cosmique. Because 'eating local' is always best.

Bemidji Callin' ? It's groovy, good vibes and way too hot! It's a guitar riff (recorded by Shaolin Max) that grabs your attention straight away and carries the whole track forward. It's classic 909 drums, tight yet subtly swingy and it's a Prophet 6 synth to top it all off. It's a driving force of 5min23, a track that you definitely do not want your best friend to pause (even though he has something ''really important'' to tell you). "The main body of the track came about quite quickly, during one of our group rehearsals, we created the first 2 minutes pretty efficiently...then the record was shelved for a while and we had trouble finishing it."- explains Aziz Aziz Jr. Here at the dojo, we're definitely glad they found the inspiration to finish it, and real glad it came out under their Chaleur Cosmique alias.

Shaolin Max, Aziz Aziz Jr, Mirlaqi et Nathstra

Chaleur Cosmique is about passion, hard-work and ambition. Two years ago they were already talking about their desire to tap into the production side of things and launch their very own label. Now in 2020, it's with their first release Quartet that we see their hard work paying off. We knew them behind the decks and we're pleased to see that their disco, house and afro influences followed them inside the studio.

Karim (the second dude in the pink shirt) explains that this EP was not really planned as a Chaleur Cosmique release, but that they're very pleased with it and their decision! Us dojonions, truly think this release is a banger! Quartet is a small step for Chaleur Cosmique, and a big step for the swiss scene!

The cosmonautes bring some freshness into the Swiss electronic music scene, far away from the heavy 140 bpm techno that dominates the Geneva area particularly. Don't be fooled though, here at le dojo we're into 140 bpm heavy techno. We just think that the talented four digging Knights who manage to share their passion for international and exciting sounds are on fire!

Even though in the past few months the four Dj's weren't able to play live, where we know them best, they definitely haven't abandoned us. Not only did they individually take part in Résiliences Sonores's live set series, but they also launched Cosmic Care, a unique series of sets filled with hand-picked tunes for a quarantined-audience. Cosmic Care is also a quick reminder that yes, music is therapeutic and no, Chaleur Cosmique can't be stopped. Our advice is to tune-in this Sunday October 27th for the release of Mirlaqi's latest gem: Traveling Beyond Moving.

Soundcloud: Mirlaqi, Aziz Aziz Jr., Nathstra, Shaolin Max, Chaleur Cosmique

Artist: Chaleur Cosmique EP: Quartet Single: Bemidji Callin' Release: 08.05.2020

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